Counting Down to 100,000 by Amy

It’s almost here.  As of last Friday, EMANCIPE+’s veterinary team had safely completed 99,536 spay or neuter surgeries in Central Texas.  We are counting down to our 100,000th surgery, which we expect could happen later this week or early next week.  This is a huge milestone for us – it has been just ten years since we started providing spay/neuter services in Austin via our mobile clinic.  We are honored with the trust that Austin’s pet owners have placed in us over the years and we have some great programs planned for our tenth anniversary year that kicks off in June.

I will try to keep you updated on where we are in our countdown.  I can tell you that the day we reach the 100,oooth surgery will be a day of celebration at our clinic, and we have some fun surprises up our sleeve for the pet who actually becomes number 100,ooo.  This is a great week to come in to the clinic, because you never know who might be the one!


Cat Euthanasia Rate Reduced by Amy

In the past, a cat that had the misfortune of ending up in Austin’s city’s shelter had a slim chance of making it out alive.  As recently as last year, the euthanasia rate for cats at Town Lake Animal Center was 60%, meaning the majority of cats that ended up at that shelter were killed.   But things are finally starting to turn around.  The year-to-date cat euthanasia rate at TLAC has now reached an all time low of 35% – and THAT is cause for celebration!

This inspiring turn of events is due to a focus on reducing the intake of cats at the shelter.  The folks over at Austin Humane Society’s Feral Fix program are on track to sterilize 6,000 feral cats this year alone.  At EMANCIPE+ and Animal Trustees of Austin, we focused on sterilizing owned cats for free with our Valentine’s Week and Spring Break Specials, which we are repeating for our Summer of Love special – offering free spay/neuter, microchips, ID tags and rabies shots to pet cats in the first week of June and July this summer (all funded by the City of Austin).

These efforts are working.  While they are seeing kittens come in to the shelter now, the number coming in this year is much less than it has been in the past.  Another major factor in reducing euthanasia rates has been the network of foster homes for these kittens that are coming in.  The foster care programs at Austin Humane Society, Town Lake Animal Center, and Austin Pets Alive! are all pitching in to ensure that no tiny kittens are euthanized this year.  As the season gets going, they’ll need more foster families to sign up to help.

I encourage you to get involved with one of the organizations mentioned here.  Even though these numbers are exciting, we still have a whole lot of work to do to ensure no cat is ever killed in Austin just for being homeless.  We’d love to have you join us!