Ten Years and 100,000 Surgeries Later by Amy

Kelli became the 100,000th patient spayed at EMANCIPE+ on June 3, 2009Well, this has been quite a whirlwind week for us at EMANCIPE+.  On Wednesday, we successfully completed our 100,000th spay/neuter surgery on a beautiful lab mix named Kelli.  She seemed pretty happy about the news that she would be the 100,000th patient, as she barked joyously when we made the announcement in the lobby that morning.  She and her dad, Bobby, received a gift basket with goodies donated by the ASPCA, Town Lake Animal Center, and EMANCIPE+, including lots of dog treats and an iPod shuffle.  We learned from Bobby that Kelli was a new addition to the family.  They recently adopted her from a family who found her as a stray and cared for her until she was adopted, as they were unable to locate her original owners.  Bobby seems to be pretty smitten with this special dog, so it sounds like she’s got a long and happy life ahead of her.  We are proud that we got to be a part of her life for a little while.

Then, yesterday, we celebrated our 10th Anniversary with a fundraiser and celebration at the Hyatt.  10th Anniversary LuncheonI was so moved to see so many people in the crowd who cared enough about animals to spend part of a busy day with us and contribute to our efforts. In my remarks yesterday, I told our guests that we are finally seeing that it is possible to make Austin a community where no cat or dog is ever killed just for being homeless.  The facts coming out of Austin’s shelters are telling the story that programs like ours, along with the other life-saving programs in our community and at the shelters, are working.

And so, here we are.  100,000 surgeries and ten years have gone by and finally, we are seeing hope that our vision is becoming a reality.  I have always had faith that our efforts were worthwhile, but I am now 100% confident that we will reach our goal of ending the unnecessary killing of homeless pets in Austin, and I don’t think it’s that far away.  Part of my confidence comes from my strong faith in the partnerships we have built with area shelters, rescue groups, and animal welfare organizations who all share the same goal.  With all of us working together on proven, strategic, and efficient programs, I have no doubt that we will succeed, and soon.

On June 9, our “real” 10th Anniversary, we will be kicking off a special fundraising campaign.  This will be an accessible and affordable way for people to get involved and help us raise much needed funds for our next 100,000 surgeries.  Stay tuned to our web site and this blog for details in the next few days.


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Congratulations. You have come a long way. I appreciate your efforts and your vision for Austin’s animals. This is a fantastic program. Best wishes for continued success.

Comment by Johanna Mills

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